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Request for Quotes  #01-2023: Residential Painting Services (Expired 2/16/23)

RESIDENTIAL PAINTING SERVICES: Annual Contractual Services The Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is seeking qualification submittals from licensed, insured and experienced commercial and residential paint contractors to take part in a new CRA sponsored grant program. The CRA will be selecting up to three qualified contractors to provide all-inclusive exterior painting services at select single family homes in Lake Worth Beach.

A detailed Scope of Work can be obtained from the Lake Worth Beach CRA office or website: www.lakeworthcra.org.

Bids are due no later than February 16th, 2023 at 3pm.

For more information please contact:

Lake Worth Beach CRA
1121 Lucerne Avenue
Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460
email: cdabros@lakeworthbeachfl.gov

CRA Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

IFB #07-1-2022 Demo Foundation, Structure, Asbestos Removal and Lot Clearing (Expired 7/15/22)


The Lake Worth Beach CRA, is seeking bids/quotes for the demolition of the structures and sites which are the subject of this Invitation for Bid. A detailed Scope of Work is included and applies to any and all properties referenced, unless otherwise noted. Please provide complete, signed price quotes for the services requested by Friday July 15th 2022 no later than 3pm. Transmit the written, signed quote through email, mail or hand-delivery.

The quotes must be inclusive of the costs associated with all services as required herein, including, but not limited to any required lead and/or asbestos abatement and permitting, demolition of structures, fencing, trees, shrubs, lot clearing, electrical disconnect, gas disconnect, plumbing (sewer cutoff) permits, sodding and provide all requested information. Contractor must be fully licensed and/or certified as appropriate, to provide the services required in this Invitation for Bid, and be able to provide copies of appropriate insurance
and licensure/certification, upon demand. Where bidder is using subcontractors, it must divulge each subcontractor it is using, to insure proper licensing, adequate experience and qualifications to perform work.


• Whereas, written, completed, signed quotes, are due no later than July 15th 2022@ 3pm;
• Whereas, the successful contractor must be fully prepared to commence permitting no later than August 31st 2022;
• Whereas, all permits to be closed and work must be completed no later than October 15, 2022;
• Whereas, the successful contractor must be fully licensed to perform all work, and provide their licenses and the licenses of any subcontractors which will be providing specific services;
• Whereas, the successful contractor must hire a licensed and insured plumber to adequately cap off all water and sewer lines connected to City service;
• Whereas, the successful contractor must hire a licensed and insured asbestos abatement company to completely remove and dispose of areas of asbestos and properly dispose of materials at a CLASS 1 LANDFILL. Shipping reports will be required;
• Whereas, the successful contractor is required to review and execute a ‘Confirmation of a Drug-Free Workplace’ form provided within this packet;

Signed price quotes for the services requested by Friday, July 15th 2022 by 3pm.
IFB #03-1-2022 Demo Foundation, Structure, Asbestos Removal and Lot Clearing (Expired 4/5/22)



The Lake Worth Beach CRA, has an existing immediate need for the complete demolition of structures, asphalt (unless otherwise noted), concrete, vegetation, trees (unless otherwise noted), underground amenities and site improvements (to include removal of concrete slabs and foundations on properties as applicable), for the property listed under the Site Information portion of this Invitation for Bids.

MINOR Asbestos abatement is required where the associated asbestos survey shows the existence of asbestos. Asbestos Abatement shall include proper removal, transportation and disposal, with a post-job write-up reflecting these actions. Additionally, Lead Surveys have been performed, indicating whether lead was found to be present or not, and if so, whether it was above or below the regulatory levels. The presence of lead in construction debris has the potential to impose limitation on where and how the debris may be Disposed. Please perform a Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) for lead, to determine the amount of leachable lead present, and keep the results of the TCLP on hand for Agency review. It is the responsibility of the demolition company to be responsible for all required abatement and disposal necessary, of asbestos and lead-based materials. Unless otherwise indicated, all asbestos and lead surveys are available for viewing at the CRA office or can be emailed upon request.

Signed price quotes for the services requested by Tuesday April 5th 2022 by 3pm.
Invitation for Bids: #02-20/21 Property/Landscape Maintenance of Multiple CRA Owned Lots (Expired 9/17/21)


The Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is seeking bids/quotes from qualified, licensed and insured landscape contractors to perform monthly services at up to fourteen (14) CRA owned parcels located throughout the City of Lake Worth Beach. The selected bidder will enter into a one-year agreement with the CRA. Interested bidders MUST request a detailed Scope of Work and Bid Form from the Lake Worth Beach CRA office by emailing: cdabros@lakeworthbeachfl.gov, or calling 561 493-2550.
Bids are due no later than Friday September 17th at 2pm.
Request for Proposals: CRA #01-20/21 - 1213 Lake Avenue – Construction Manager at Risk & Construction Services for Commercial Renovation (Expired 2/25/21)


For a copy of the document in its entirity, call 561-493-2550 or email your request


The Lake Worth Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is soliciting proposals from responsible and experienced licensed general contractors to provide construction manager (CM) at risk and all construction items necessary to conduct a complete remodel and renovation of the building located at 1213 Lake Ave. in downtown Lake Worth Beach Florida. The scope of work is generally described as follows: construction management services consisting of pre-construction services, developing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP), permitting services, provide all labor and materials, provide for the bidding of trades (if necessary), provide all scheduling and coordination of the project between client, architect and City building department, provide all construction services and provide for the timely completion of the project to the Lake Worth Beach CRA.

Bid documents may be requested by emailing the CRA office at: cdabros@lakeworthbeachfl.gov. Hard copies of bid documents may also be acquired from the CRA office located at 1121 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460.

Time is of the essence. Any proposal received after 3:00PM on February 25 th , 2021, whether by mail or otherwise, will be returned unopened. Proposal packages are to be placed in a sealed envelope, marked in the lower left-hand corner with the bid number, title and date. Firms are responsible for insuring that their package is received prior to the date and time indicated.

A mandatory Pre-Bid meeting is scheduled for February 4 th at 2:00PM at the Lake Worth Beach CRA Offices, 1121 Lucerne Avenue Lake Worth Beach, FL 33460.