Transit-Oriented Development Plan


In 2008, the CRA and City contracted with the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) to produce a Master Plan for the City that includes the area from 10th Avenue North to 6th Avenue South and from Congress Avenue to the Intracoastal Waterway. The CRA and the City invited residents, property owners, and businesses to participate in a public design Charrette. The Charrette was completed, as in many other cities, to assist in coordinating the South Florida East Coast Corridor Study.

The SFECC Study seeks to evaluate the potential addition of passenger rail along the FEC rail line and identify future station locations. The TCRPC Charrette process also leads to the development of a Master Plan for the study area. The Plan considers market conditions, land use, transit infrastructure, and the condition of the surrounding neighborhoods. With the principles of urban design and community needs, make recommendations for future growth and development. The Implementation section of the Plan provides both the City and the CRA with a guide for carrying out Plan recommendations and includes such suggested components and improvements as securing sites for transit-oriented uses, creating incentives to attract investment, and modifying the City’s land development regulations.

The CRA is currently planning or undertaking several of the recommended implementation steps listed in the Plan including increased code enforcement, neighborhood and Dixie Highway improvements, and western redevelopment. Many of the components listed will require a joint effort by the City, the CRA, and possibly other agencies to ensure success, such as zoning modifications or overlays, design guidelines, and corridor and transit improvements.

Download the Transit-Oriented Development Plan. (If you are having trouble accessing this PDF, please call or email the CRA office for another version of the document.)