Publix Supermarket

Photo of a crowd attending Publix grand opening

For many years, downtown Lake Worth Beach was considered a ‘food desert’, meaning that most residents had to travel more than three miles to a supermarket providing access to healthy foods. This all changed in 2009 when the CRA was able to entice Publix Supermarkets to build a new store in downtown Lake Worth Beach. The 28,000 square-foot store features the following full-service departments: bakery, deli, floral and fresh seafood as well as a Publix Pharmacy. Approximately 100 Publix associates are employed at the new store. The store’s art deco façade is reminiscent of some of the original Publix Super Markets which includes neon lighting and signage. The City is excited to finally have a pedestrian friendly supermarket in the heart of such a vibrant downtown community. The art-deco façade of the store reflects Lake Worth’s vibrancy and culture. The grand opening of the new Lake Worth Beach Publix took place in April 2011. The CRA was able to provide funding which assisted with significant relocation of underground and above ground utilities prior to construction of the building.