Transportation & Mobility Improvements

The CRA is actively studying ways to improve the mobility and safety of individuals and vehicles within the City. This initiative began in 2005 when the agency was able to redesign the Gateways along 6th Ave. South and 10th Ave. North. Those projects helped to widen sidewalks and slow down vehicular traffic by installing landscaped medians, narrowing the roadway and adding traffic signals. In 2009, the CRA published the first ever Bicycle Network Plan for the entire City. This document helped to set new policy to aid and assist with the development of new bicycle infrastructure, programs and projects. The CRA used the Bicycle Network Plan to help obtain funding from FDOT to construct a half mile shared used path now known as the Royal Poinciana Trail. The CRA has also partnered with the City to create a downtown parking plan which eventually led to the construction of new CRA owned public parking lots in the historic downtown.

The CRA is now working closely with our partners at FDOT and the Palm Beach County Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) to redesign the infamous traffic circle at A Street and Lake Worth Road. The City and CRA applied for funding from FDOT to reconstruct various portions of this traffic circle and make it safer for students attending Lake Worth High School. Finally, the CRA is also in the midst of a study to improve the traffic patterns along Dixie Highway which may lead to safer travels for bicyclists and pedestrians.