HATCH 1121

Mural by: Fabio Onrack

The new HATCH 1121 building can be found at the intersection of the FEC railroad tracks and Lucerne Avenue, just west of Downtown Lake Worth. Widely known as the building with the mural titled “the Great Wall of Artists”, HATCH 1121 has become a location that connects the community through culture and the arts. This newly renovated exhibition space is located in Lake Worth’s Art’s Overlay District and is operated by LULA Lake Worth Arts. The name LULA comes from the two main streets in downtown Lake Worth: LU for Lucerne Avenue and LA for Lake Avenue. Renovations of the center were funded through a cultural facilities grant awarded by the State of Florida’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

For information on upcoming HATCH 1121 exhibitions and events, please visit the HATCH 1121 Exhibition page.

For information on renting the gallery space please contact Emily Theodossakos at: ETheodossakos@lakeworthbeachfl.gov

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